Meaning and date of empty Old Trafford protest as Manchester United fans plan to boycott game vs Liverpool

Manchester United fans plan to boycott the upcoming PL game against Liverpool at Old Trafford on 22 August and will protest against the Glazers, know about the empty Old Trafford protest and its meaning

Everything is falling apart in Manchester United Football Club at the moment and now the fans of the club are taking a storm and questioning the hierarchy.

Meaning of empty Old Trafford protest explained and Manchester United fans plan to boycott game vs Liverpool

It was a poor start for Man-United in the new 2022–23 PL season, having suffered an embarrassing loss to Brighton at Old Trafford.

“EmptyOldTrafford” trending on Twitter

The loss in the season opener sparked anger across the fan base and triggered a “Glazers Out” movement on social networks, and even parts of the fan base called for the next PL match against Liverpool on 22 August. called for a boycott.

It could be a fresh start for Man United under a new boss Eric Tan Haig, but Red Devil fans could not hide their feelings for the club owners. On Sunday, fans of the match gathered at Old Trafford where fans protested that it was not right to conduct the Glazers show. Some fanbase bands walked into the Theater of Dreams with a giant flag called “Fight for United”. Fight Glazers”, “We want our club back” in presence of Glazers at Old Trafford.

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During the match, there was a huge outcry from fans thrilled with “We want Glazers out, say we want Glazers out”.

This is not the first time fans have disapproved of the club’s ownership –

However, this is not the first time fans have disapproved of the club’s ownership. Since the American Family took over the club in 2005, fans were not satisfied with the owners’ act and repeatedly raised their voices against Glazer.

The issue between Glazers and fans escalated in 2021 when Glazer signed with 11 other top clubs for European Super League approval.

Former Man United director Michael Kinghutton is preparing a bid to buy the club from the Glazer family.

“Everyone knows that a new football club owner is needed. This is my goal.

‘I am making good progress, I am still talking to people, I have good financial commitments. We are now working on the offer document – remember, this is an unfavorable offer. “- he said on Man United the Religion.

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