Marcus Mumford says he was sexually abused as a child. , Entertainment News

Marcus Mumford says he was sexually abused as a child.

The Mumford & Son frontman has escaped sexual abuse after he was taken advantage of by an unidentified man when he was six years old.

The 35-year-old musician told GQ magazine: “Like a lot of people – and I’m learning more and more about it as we go and as I play it for people – I was sexually abused as a child. It was done. Not from family and not in church, which may be the perception of some people. But I didn’t tell anyone about it for 30 years.”

Marcus – who is married to actress Carey Mulligan, 37, with whom he has son Wilfred, five, and daughter Evelyn, six – hit “Rock Bottom” as he completed his 2018 ‘Delta’ tour with the band, with He made it a big hit.

He continued: “I wanted the people closest to me to grab a mirror and say, ‘Man, something’s not right here and it’s your responsibility to find out.’ ,

The ‘Cannibal’ hitmaker went to therapy and had “very common” symptoms of vomiting during his second season.

Marcus said: “Obviously, it’s very common

“Once you basically remove the denial and start the process of removing some of the suppression, it’s very natural for that stuff to come out. I used to have breathing problems all my life. Not asthma but just, like I’m catching my breath.”

The ‘Little Lion Man’ singer described his ordeal as a kid as “a series of really unusual, unhealthy sexual experiences at a really young age. And for some reason, and I really can’t figure it out.” That’s why I didn’t commit sexual abuse – although I’ve had my fair share of c****** behavior.

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So far, Marcus said he is living in layers of shame. And it probably started there when I was six, but I had become accustomed to shame, layers and layers of shame, which is why I now feel like I’ve done a lot to figure it out.

“And some of the areas where I was trying to remove that shame brought more shame to me. And now being able to separate them a little bit and, like, take away the layers of it, that’s why That I feel free in a way, more free than I have in a long time.”