Man Utd’s troubled transfer window: does Erik Ten Haag trust the club’s scouting team? , Are the Glazers to blame? , football news

Melissa Reddy and Kevey Solhekol discuss Manchester United’s troubled transfer window, question whether Erik ten Haag has confidence in the club’s recruiting department, and if the Glazers are to blame…

‘Every Man Utd failure comes back to Glazers’

Sky Sports News senior reporter Melissa Reddy:

“Every failure we tag Manchester United back to the Glazers.

“He saw an opportunity to make a lot of money attaching himself to a commercial juggernaut. He has liquidated the club of money and filled the club with debt, with no intention of putting up a structure to fix the facilities. Is.

“Any aspect that goes into making a club successful over time that doesn’t depend on a great manager being in charge. There’s no thought process involved.

“When you compare and contrast with Liverpool and FSG, they came in and their first port of call was to reorganize the way Liverpool transfer transfers to put analytics at the forefront of what they do. They are now Lead the world in terms of data transfers.

“They recruit behind the scenes for their previous teams from Man City and Bayern Munich because they know it’s not just about throwing expensive names on the pitch together.

“This transfer window illustrates how the strategy is lacking in place.”

Saturday August 13th at 5:00 PM

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Does Ten Haig trust Man Utd’s scouting department?

Sky Sports News senior reporter Melissa Reddy:

“Great to hear that United’s recruiting department is there, because it looks like Ten Haag is running the transfer window.

“All of their goals, the players they’ve achieved and the candidates they’re leading, stemmed from the manager.

“Ten Haig is an excellent coach, brilliant on the training pitch, but he is not a sports director nor a scout. He does not have knowledge of all the players in world football and who would be the best choice or stylistic profile.

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“That’s where you need help from your club and the recruiting department. Isn’t getting it, or does he not trust what is offered to him?”

Manchester United manager Eric ten Haig looks sad at the touchline during Sunday's defeat by Brighton
Manchester United manager Eric ten Haag appears frustrated at the touchline during Sunday’s defeat to Brighton

‘Man Utd fans were protesting even in good times’

Sky Sports News chief correspondent Kawe Solahkol:

“Talking to Manchester United supporters, they will say that United is a club that has lost its soul. Manchester United have gone through dark times before, they have gone through years and years of not winning the title.

“I remember in the 1980s United had to lose 5-0 at Everton, 5-1 against Manchester City. You look at the players they had in the 80s – Brian Robson, Mark Hughes, Gordon Strachan, Remy Moses, Gordon McQueen. He was still the player who knew what it meant to play for Manchester United and had a connection with the fans. He is no longer at Old Trafford.

“When you talk about the ownership situation at Manchester United. Some people, especially those who support other clubs, say that United fans are complaining just because they’re not winning at the moment and If they were winning, they wouldn’t complain.

“Well, we remember United fans performing before the Glazers came to power. Some fans were so upset that they founded their own club – FC United of Manchester.

“David Beckham wore a green and gold scarf on the pitch after Manchester United beat AC Milan 4-0 in the Champions League. Manchester United fans were complaining from the start and even during the good times, so I’ll give it a go. The argument is that they are complaining only because they are not winning.”

‘While the Glazers are there, Man Utd can’t compete’

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ESPN senior writer Mark Ogden believes Manchester United cannot compete with other clubs while the Glazer family owns

ESPN senior writer Mark Ogden on The Transfer Show:

“A common thread in the club’s downfall has been the Glazer family. They’ve wasted a lot of money over the years, but I don’t think right now they have the money they need to invest or the expertise. They don’t put the best people in the right positions.” Not able to appoint.

“Liverpool does not have the commercial and financial strength of United, but they have smart owners who have made smart appointments. They lack finance, expertise and they lack ambition.

“Everything else comes from the Glazers. For me Erik ten Haag has no chance, because the club can’t buy the players they need. If there was money, they wouldn’t have players like Adrian Rabbot or Marko Arnatovic Look.

“While the Glazers are there, I don’t think Man Utd can compete.”

Neville: I have nothing to say. Richards: What happened to Man Utd?

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Gary Neville criticized Manchester United’s recent transfer policy after Sky Italy reported the club had rejected a bid for former West Ham striker Marko Arnatovic.

Asked about Manchester United’s bid for Bologna striker Marko Arnatovic super sunday, gary neville He said he is not surprised and acknowledged that such deals are becoming a “pattern” for his former side.

“You are the first to decline the bid when the phone rings from Manchester United, because the reality of it is that after losing that game against Brighton on Sunday, they were actually negotiating a worse situation than they were on Saturday. And that’s an even bigger problem for them,” Neville said.

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“Apart from signing with Manchester United’s Marko Arnatovic, I’ve got a commentary on everything in the world. I have nothing to say.

“We’ve seen Radamel Falcao, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Edinson Cavani, Odion Ighalo – desperate, it’s a pattern. It’s happening over and over again. I’m not even angry or animated about it anymore. I’m not going to comment I’m about it.”

Micah Richards Added: “What has happened to Manchester United, seriously? I’m not going to put the boot in. Arnautovic was a quality player, but he’s 33 in Italy.”

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Gary Neville and Roy Keane analyze Manchester United’s issues after losing to Brighton at Old Trafford

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