Man dies in auto accident in search of PVC registration center in Oyo

A middle-aged man has reportedly died in an auto accident while looking for a center to register for Permanent Voter Card (PVC) in Ibadan, Oyo State.

It is being told that the victim who died in the accident in Edo Local Government Area of ​​the state, was looking for a place to register and get his PVC.

Our correspondent learned that seven youths from Ward 5, Edo were on their way to register for their PVCs in Edo Township, when they died untimely.

Former state government secretary, Akogun Sharafdin Alli, who met the families of the dead and injured, said the dead made the supreme sacrifice for the country.

The APC leader said that all Nigerians should see the sacrifice as a reason to promote good governance in the country.

he said; “We are here today at the Edo local government to express our condolences to the families of those affected during the recent accident. I saw this on social media and decided to meet them, especially the relatives of the person we lost in the accident.

“His death is painful and unexpected. For someone to wake up and decide to register for PVC, such a person deserves praise.

“They want good governance. I wish the injured a speedy recovery and I will not leave them till they are back on their feet.”

Alli urged the government to look after the welfare of youth at all levels and make PVC registration easier for the people, especially in rural areas.

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