Man accused of arson which caused heavy damage to Fernandina Beach auto shop

Fernandina Beach, Fla. – The Fernandina Beach Police Department says that a person is accused of arson after a fire broke out in a motor vehicle mechanic’s shop.

According to a news release, police retaliated in connection with a fire in a building on South 8th Street on July 19. The building was completely gutted and investigators said it was later discovered that the fire was the result of an arson.

The police department said Danielle Rosado, 62, was identified as a person of interest and was employed in the business and slept in a shed on the property. Investigators determined according to the report that Rosado and the business owner had a disagreement earlier in the day and Rosado was fired.

The police department said Rosado told several people at various places during the day that he intended to “burn down that place”.

“He went berserk,” said employee Larry Robinson. “So he said he would burn that place down.”


“He had been making a scene here all afternoon,” said employee Dennis Reilly. “The police were called and they already knew he had a problem. But after we left and closed that night, he was back here in about eight or so. ,

The photo shows damage from the fire at the Fernandina Beach auto shop.

According to the arrest warrant, two minutes after firefighters put out the blaze, a surveillance camera from inside a gas station recorded Rosado walking into the restroom. Two minutes later, he walked out of the bathroom wearing only one wet pants and asked the store clerk for a pair of shoes.

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The warrant states that the store clerk told police that the toilet was soaked with water and had a strong smell of gasoline. Fernandina Beach police say they eventually caught Rosado, but say he was drunk and complaining of chest pain and was taken to hospital. While in the hospital, a police bodycam recorded Rosado calling several people. A man he called told police that Rosado had called three times and admitted to setting the business on fire.


After consulting with the state attorney’s office, an arrest warrant was obtained for Rosado on charges of second-degree arson, criminal mischief and burglary in a residence or structure worth more than $1,000.

Employees said the owner was giving Rojado a place to live in exchange for working as a mechanic. The business is estimated to have lost over $200,000.

“That cost the man who was trying to help him a lot more money than he could have ever been worth,” Reilly said.

The photo shows the damage after the fire at the Fernandina Beach auto shop.

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