‘Mahavir’ starring Nivin Pauly gets a new climax. Why here Entertainment News

Mahaveer starring Nivin Pauli and Shaanvi Srivastava has entered its second week in theatres. The film, directed by Abrid Shine, belongs to the fantasy fiction genre. Although the film received good reviews for being experimental, many believed that the climax was open, which left the audience slightly unhappy.

After the response, the makers have decided to tweak the climax of the film a bit. The new version of the film has already hit the theaters and according to the makers of ‘Mahavir’ the film is getting very good reviews.

The first half of the films tells the story of a king (played by Lal), who has a weakness for women. He issues and unusual decrees to his prime minister (Asif Ali) who is responsible for its execution. Linearly, Apoorvanthan, a cleric, played by Nivin Pauly, arrives on a village set in the present day. He was soon accused of stealing an idol from a temple and brought to court.

The film also discusses a social issue and uses satire to highlight the issues faced by women, especially when they seek justice in court.

There are also reports that the makers have decided to stream the film on OTT soon.

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