Luge World Cup opening weekend canceled due to scheduling conflict with FIFA World Cup

IGLS, Austria – The World Cup of football forced the cancellation of a lucrative World Cup.

The International Luge Federation said on Monday that its World Cup season in Igels, Austria – scheduled as the opening weekend of November 26 and 27 – has been called off.

Reason: The television program available at the FIFA World Cup was being heavily used, and this meant that luge events could not be broadcast live in Europe.

The World Cup in Luz is now set to begin on the weekend of 2 December, which was also the previously scheduled race weekend at Ingalls. The group stages of the FIFA World Cup would be completed by then, and fewer matches each day in Qatar opened up more potential televised windows for luge.

FIFA’s World Cup starts on 21 November and from that date to 2 December there are four matches daily. The schedule begins to lighten with the knockout phase starting on 3 December, with no more than two matches on any given day.

Luge officials said they want to reschedule the November race and have nine World Cup weekends, as originally planned.

There are currently two North American stops on the schedule: December 9–11 Race Weekend in Whistler, Canada and December 15–17 Race Weekend in Park City, Utah.

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