Longleng Celebrates World Day Against Trafficking | Morang Express

Longleng, July 31 (MEXN): Longleng District Administration, Sakhi-One Stop Centre, in collaboration with Phomala Hoikem, celebrated the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons on 30th July under the theme ‘Use and Abuse of Technology’.

According to a DIPR report, theme speaker M Chingong, Literature Secretary, Foam Baptist Christian Association (PBCA) emphasized the advantages and disadvantages of the technology. He said that excessive use of technology has negative effects as users often prioritize technology over family, friends and work, thereby adversely affecting relationships and other commitments. He encouraged the gathering to use social media platforms responsibly and productively, it said.

Advocate Mane Phom, Authority LDLSA spoke on the topic ‘Prevention and Protection of Human Trafficking’ and underlined that District Administration, Government Departments and NGOs cannot fight against trafficking alone. Throwing light on the Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act 1956, he said, we should come forward as responsible citizens and report such cases in our society.

Earlier the program was presided over by Case Worker (OSC) Shandimoini A Phom while the welcome address was given by M Mano Phom, President, Phomla Hoikem. Finally, the vote of thanks was delivered by Si Henkem Foam, Center Administration (OSC) and the program concluded with a mass prayer, as reported in the DIPR.

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