London grammar more prolific during the pandemic | Entertainment News

London Grammar admits the COVID-19 pandemic has been a “gift” for him.

The ‘Strong’ hitmakers – including Hannah Reid, Dan Rothman and Dominic ‘Don’t Major’ – just released their third LP, ‘California Soul’ last year, but have remained at their “most prolific” in recent years Since the lockdown period prevented him from going out on the road, the work on his next record is almost done.

Hannah said: “The pandemic gave us this gift – we just finished our third record so we can get straight back to that and we were probably the most prolific we’ve ever been as a band.

“So we have this fourth album that I absolutely love and it’s almost finished.

“We want to finish it by the end of the year or early next year and then hopefully after that we can release it.”

Hannah admitted that it can be “difficult” to keep fans engaged after 10 years, especially because she and her bandmates are “not very good” at using social media.

She exclusively told Bang Showbiz: “It’s been a crazy idea that it’s been 10 years but I’m just so grateful. I think within those 10 years, the industry has changed a lot and I’m really for those fans.” I am grateful to those who are associated with us.

“There’s always room for the track to really connect online, but what’s difficult now is the creative longevity and how do you create moments like this to keep the momentum going because people’s attention is less now.

β€œIt’s hard when you’re the kind of band that isn’t great on social media and you don’t do TikTok and you’re not great on Instagram. It’s hard to keep fans engaged, but we’re doing fine!

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“I think there’s a huge pressure to be on social media. It’s an interesting topic because it seems like Instagram is about image but I think image has always been associated with the music industry. David Bowie and all the great people Look at people like

“So it’s not necessarily a completely bad thing because you can express yourself on those platforms and really connect with fans but I think for some artists β€” me, Dan and Dot, our Has the energy to focus on the music and not so much energy to do anything other than that.”

London Grammar kicked off the South Facing Festival on Friday (29.07.22) night. The event runs through August 7 and will also see headline sets from Jungle, Bombay Cycle Club, Richard Ashcroft and Becky Hill.

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