Local biathlete training for the World University Games

At the Saratoga Biathlon Club, in the middle of the July heat, Noah Kenyon is still pushing himself and making his shots from 50 meters.

“You have to focus a lot, especially with shooting,” Noah Kenyon said. “But usually I try not to think too much.”

This is a sport that the 18-year-old from Glanville has been involved in since the age of 11. Biathlon is a winter sport that combines rifle shooting and cross country skiing.

“It’s just a fun game. It’s challenging,” said Noah Kenyon. “I love a good challenge.”

Even though there is no snow on the ground, he is still spending about 20 hours a week training. It’s important to get a little better everyday, especially with the World University Games in Lake Placid just six months away.

Michael Kenyon said to Noah after the shoot, “We’re going to have two coming up and going right back to one.”

Michael Kenyon is Noah’s father and one of his coaches is preparing him for the games in January. Right now, they’re preparing for the Youth and Junior World Championship trials in Anchorage, Alaska, in late December, which will determine who gets to Lake Placid.

“Just that consistent, consistent tightening of everything together, trying to get it down to the size of a quarter or a dime,” Michael Kenyon said.

For Noah Kenyon and most biathletes, shooting is the most challenging part, especially after skiing.

“Because you’re trying to get your heart rate down from about 170 beats to 140 or 30 seconds,” he said.

But with every shot, skate and run, Noah Kenyon is getting better and feeling more confident as he approaches the opportunity to go up against the best biathletes in the world.

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“If I try and peak for the Trials, I should be pretty good for the Games myself,” Noah Kenyon said.