Lexus the product of the future: Changes begin in EVs

RZ: The RZ electric compact crossover is powered by a dual-motor powertrain that combines two new e-axles developed by Toyota Group supplier Aisin Corp – a 150-kW motor at the front and an 80-kW equivalent at the rear, resulting in an output Is. of 230 kW, or 308 hp. It will arrive at US dealerships in the first half of 2023.

Second BEV: Lexus will bring a second EV to the US in 2025, but whether it will be a three-row crossover, similar to the RX, or a more efficient sports sedan similar to the IS, is unknown. Lexus electrified sedan concept shown in December be a more logical bet, given that the RX is the brand’s bestseller and is redesigned with a hybrid powertrain, and A three-row crossover can bite the new TX, while the IS is long in the tooth. But never bet against Lexus’s money-making potential — which means it’ll probably be a three-row crossover.

Third BEV: The third Lexus EV, in 2026, could be a stunning LFA-inspired sports sedan, with a 0 to 60 time in the short two-second range. And be a hello vehicle. However, the brand says that the sedan’s estimated 400-plus-mile battery range will depend on “potential use of solid-state batteries” — and that technology is still an engineering puzzle that has yet to be solved.

lx: Fresh from its redesign this year, the LX large SUV will be due to get a midcycle refresh in 2026.

GX: The next three-row mid-size body-on-frame SUV is expected to be bigger and more luxurious when redesigned on the luxury GA-F body-on-frame platform in 2024. It will also get the Lexus interactive infotainment system and new drivers. Support and security technology.

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Texas: Lexus is planning a bigger, more spacious three-row crossover over the best-selling RX in the second half of 2023 Which will give it competition to Infiniti’s QX60, Cadillac’s XT6 and BMW’s X7. TX to be assembled in Indiana with the new Toyota Grand Highlander will have a Level 2 automatic driving-assistance feature called Lexus Teammate that will “allow hands-free driving in certain situations,” according to the company. It will also have a remote parking system that will allow the driver to park and park from outside the vehicle using a smartphone, and a digital key that converts the user’s smartphone into their key and allows them to share it digitally. allows.

Rx: When it comes this year, The fifth-generation overhaul of the RX will rework the nameplate on the new platform with a new drivetrain, which Lexus says will make the midsize crossover more fun to drive. The redesign will include the addition of a Lexus interactive infotainment system as well as advanced driver-assistance and technology upgrades.

NX: The compact crossover will be due for a midcycle refresh in 2025 after being redesigned last year.
UX: The compact crossover will receive a midcycle refresh in 2023, when it will exclusively hybrid. It will also receive driver-assistance and safety upgrades along with the Lexus interactive infotainment system.

LS: This year the big sedan was refreshed with an optional Lexus teammate. Its next refresh won’t happen until 2025, though the brand will replace its flagship sedan first with a Lexus interactive infotainment system and new driver-assistance and safety technology.

E.s: The seventh generation of the midsize sedan went on sale in 2018 and will receive minor changes until a complete redesign in 2025, when it will transition to the Lexus interactive infotainment system and new driver-assistance and safety technology.

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Is: The IS was redesigned rather than redesigned in 2020 to save money in the declining compact car segment. The IS could be replaced by the Lexus Electrified Sedan BEV in 2025 instead of being refreshed in 2024.

Line of control: The luxury coupe and convertible will receive a midcycle refresh in 2025, when it receives the Lexus interactive infotainment system and new driver-assistance and safety technology.

RC: The low-volume performance coupe will be due for a midcycle refresh in 2024. It will also include a new infotainment system and new driver-assistance and safety technology.