Letter to the editor: World Affairs Council offers impartiality

In the summer, Portland was visited by a diverse host of foreign officials, all hosted by the Council on World Affairs.

We are fortunate to have a branch of the Council on World Affairs here in Maine. The organization’s work provides a welcome respite from the news media. The World Affairs Council of Maine holds “Wednesday Night Webinars”, holds regular discussion groups and weekly world news reviews.

The Main Branch is made up of former ambassadors, diplomats, international educators, Peace Corps volunteers, World Bank officials, business people with international experience, and people associated with international non-governmental organizations and the United Nations. It seems that Maine is a resting place for the world of many geniuses. leaders. I myself have been doing business in China and Asia-Pacific since 1983.

Many member-participants do not have these experiences, but want to hear and learn from “horse’s mouth”. The World Affairs Council of Men brings fairness and divergent views to the table.

Nathaniel Whitney
Old Orchard Beach

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