Leicester joins cities in celebrating One World Reimagining

Published on Monday, August 1, 2022

Jarvis Brookfield

A national arts education project that aims to change understanding of the transatlantic slave trade will begin this week in Leicester.

world reimagined Starting Friday (August 5) the city’s streets will bring a trail of 10 stunning globe sculptures, each designed by a new or globally recognized artist.

With themes such as ‘Mother Africa’ and ‘The Reality of Being Enslaved’, the fiberglass globes will be installed at locations including Leicester Train Station, the Clock Tower, Highfields Center and Victoria Park, where they will help illuminate the reality of the world. and the impact of the transatlantic slave trade among enslaved Africans.

Local schools have also joined the project, either by participating in a poetry event or by creating their own mini globes that will be on display at several locations in the city center starting Friday (August 5).

Deputy City Mayor Piara Singh Clare said: “These impressive globe sculptures will not only stir debate and help improve our understanding of the impact of the slave trade, but they will also be a scintillating light of color and new interest in the streets of Leicester. Will also bring Splash this summer.

“This is a great opportunity for our city to be part of a national arts and educational project and we look forward to welcoming world reimagined On the streets of the city.”

Assistant City Mayor Clare Sue Hunter, who works to combat racism and harm, said: “This national project will help improve our understanding of a dark period in history that may not have been talked about enough. And by learning about the mistakes that have happened in the past, we can ensure that they are not repeated in the future.

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“Today, Leicester’s diversity is its strength and I hope this astonishing trail of artworks will inspire us to come together and envision a future where everyone is treated with respect – and where equality, diversity are And racial justice is universally cherished.”

One of the artists participating in the project is Leicester-based Jarvis Brookfield.

Jarvis – who had never painted on 3-dimensional canvas before – relished the opportunity to work on circular shapes.

“There are so many meanings to this field – evoking earth, unity, love and life – that I loved the challenge of working with Globe for the first time,” he said.

“But as a bi-racial person, this project gave me the opportunity to be part of a collective effort to turn the atrocities committed by our extended family on our ancestors into something beautiful.

“Despite the tremendous hardships experienced by our ancestors throughout history, the human spirit has persisted and risen above adversity – and that is what I wanted to communicate through my design.

“I hope my work will provide an opportunity for people to reflect on the things that divide us, and I hope all 10 globes will serve as a source of inspiration and learning for all those who will interact. With these actions on the streets of Leicester.”

Full details of Leicester artists and artworks are as follows:

Natasha Muluswella: Leicester Community Globe – Victoria Park

Laura-Kate Pontefract: Mother Africa – Leicester Train Station

Roy Meets: The Reality of Being a Slave – Leicester Museum and Art Gallery

Lou Boyce: Stolen Legacy: The Rebirth of a Nation – Outside Medway School

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Marcus Dove: Elimination and Salvation – Highfields Center

Richard Rollins: A Complex Triangle – Willow Court (closer to the African-Caribbean center)

Zita Holborn: Echoes in the Present – Orton Square

The Mighty Creatives: Still We Rise – Clock Tower

Lakwena McIver: Expanding Soul – Highcross Leicester

Jarvis Brookfield: Roots to Fruit – Town Hall Square

The globes designed by children in Leicester schools will be on display at Curve, Highcross, Beta X and LCB Depot starting Friday (August 5).

world reimagined Will take place in Leicester from 5 August to 31 October 2022.

It will also bring arts trails to Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Liverpool City Region, London and Swansea this summer – with a total of 250+ schools and colleges participating, and 2m+ visitors expected to join the trails.

, more information about world reimagined available on www.theworldreimagined.org


Image caption: Leicester-based artist Jarvis Brookfield works on his globe, ‘Roots to Fruit’, which will be on display at Leicester’s Town Hall Square from Friday (August 5).