Layoffs in these industries can be at record low levels. Entertainment News

The layoff rate for June 2022 by industry is estimated at less than 0.5% in financial activities and state and local governments, to 1.7% in construction. Comparing the data with the data from a year ago, Gould said that “there hasn’t been much change in the last year in terms of layoffs. There may be a slight increase in some. [occupations], “There is also a lot of overlap with different industries. For both state and local government and financial activities, for example, layoff rates are estimated at 0.4%. Historically, public administration and finance sustained the lowest layoffs. Placed rate.

In recent months, layoff rates in some industries are likely to be at a record low since at least 2000, when the data began: business/transportation/utilities, leisure/hospitality, and construction. There has been a significant increase in warehousing and transport employment. This is due to the popularity of e-commerce, which has caused pronounced demand spikes for workers in the parcel and warehousing sectors across the US, where, for leisure and hospitality, the industry is still lagging behind pre-pandemic levels. When it comes to employment. However, demand for travel and vacations may help drive overall job growth over the next few months.

In the construction industry, many employers are struggling with retention. Some of the reasons for this include, when it comes to cultural recruitment efforts, the job sites where workers live, and the difficulties in providing workers with stable, well-paying jobs that help them build careers.

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