Kunchako Boban was seen dancing in ‘Devduthar Paadi’ with cancer survivors. Entertainment News

Chennai: Actor Kunchakko Boban and his team from the upcoming Malayalam film “Nana Than Kes Kodu” made a surprise visit to the Malabar Cancer Center to participate in the Survivors’ Meet organized by the Centre.

Taking to Instagram, Kunchacko Boban shared pictures and a video clip from his visit to MCC and wrote: “You find more meaning in your life by looking at the smiling faces of real fighters in life!! A stunning look from Amrutam 2022 Visited, Bache The meeting organized by Malabar Cancer Centre, Thalassery. God Bless Dr. Satish Balasubramaniam and the team of MCC. Thank you AN Shamseer MLA for inviting me!! To all of you for the love and enthusiasm with Ambas Rajeevan and Devduthar Thank you. We are humble ‘Nana Than Kes Kodu’.”

Meanwhile, Kunchako has revealed that lawyer Gangadharan plays himself in the film. Boban himself plays a character named Kozhummal Rajeevan aka Ambas Rajeevan in the film, which is directed by Ratish Poduval.

The film, which started in Cheruvathur, Kerala, will see Tamil actress Gayatri, who is making her Malayalam debut with this film, along with Kunchakko Boban in the lead role.

Rakesh Haridas, the cinematographer of the acclaimed Hindi film ‘Sherni’, is the director of photography for the film. Interestingly, he is also Malayali and also a collegemate of Kunchako Boban at SB College. Manoj Kannoth is the editor of the film, whose makeup will be done by Hassan Vandoor.

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