Kunchakko Boban says he rejected the lead role in ‘Android Kunjappan’. Entertainment News

Actor Kunchakko Boban has confessed that he had rejected the lead role in the superhit film ‘Android Kunjappan’. He said that one’s decisions may not always be right and had asked for a role in ‘Nana Than Kes Kodu’ to compensate for his loss. The actor was speaking at a press conference in connection with the promotion of his upcoming film “Nana Than Kes Kodu”.

“We have no doubt that audiences will enjoy ‘Nana Than Kes Kodu’ in theaters as we believe it is a good film. Many talented people have worked behind it. You all enjoyed Ratheesh Pothuwal’s ‘Android Kunjappan’ ‘ That film was way ahead of its time. Ratheesh is a director who created a unique theme in a simple film that can be enjoyed by everyone. The producer of that film is Santosh T Kuruvilla. When the same team seconded me When approached for the film, I was sure that people would like it, ”said Kunchako Boban.

Kunchako Boban said he had said ‘no’ to ‘Android Kunjappan’. However, that film turned out to be one of the biggest hits of the year. “I’m the one who learned from experience that not all decisions can be right. I’ve had many such experiences. If I recognize talented people, I don’t mind asking them for work, even if it’s late. So, I requested Ratheesh to make a film with me and this is how the film happened. Earlier I had asked the makers of ‘Nayattu’ to cast me in it. It turned out to be one of the best films of my career. I am sure this film will be like that too,” said the actor.

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Kuchako is playing the role of Rajeevan in ‘Nana Than Kes Kodu’. Interestingly, the audience will see the actor in a unique avatar. The actor said that he is sure that the film and his character will entertain all kinds of audiences. “When ‘Neeram’ and ‘Aniyathipravu’ released, my image was of a chocolate boy. Most of the women have been my fans since that day. However, now it has changed a lot. After the song was released, men, irrespective of their age, started asking me the ‘brand’ I had before dancing like this. They started seeing me as a younger brother. All this gives me immense happiness as an actor. Plus, it gives me incredible energy to keep going. When we try to break stereotypes and be a part of good films, you will get amazing films and characters,” says Kuchako.

The actor said that he is extremely happy and grateful that all types of audiences have loved his films and characters. He said that this gave him a responsibility as an actor. “I want to justify it through good films and roles. Cinema is a medium that can be enjoyed. I can firmly say that the audience will love ‘Nana Than Kes Kodu’ and my character Rajeevan.”