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‘His eyes are really expressive, deep and there is something very pure’: Kriti Sanon on her Adi Purush co-star, Prabhas

One of India’s top actresses, Kriti Sanon, will soon be paired opposite Prabhas in the mythological drama Lone man, Which is established all over India. While it is said that their on-screen chemistry for the film was indeed pure, the actress recently opened up about the purity in her co-eyes in an interview.

Kriti has always shared great chemistry with her co-actors and while the leading lady is all set to hit the big screen with the superstar in Aadipurush, it has definitely raised the excitement among the audience for the film. During a recent interview with a leading portal, Kriti asked a fan a question, “Apart from the story of the food, what are the other unique qualities about Prabhas that set him apart from others. Anything unknown she can share with fans? She’d love to work with him again?”

The actress replied, “I would love to work with him again, I really enjoyed working with him… there’s something unique about him other than the food… I think he has some strange purity in his eyes.” Sometimes, I looked at his shots like, when the camera is really close there is very little that he does with his eyes and you can really feel everything he is feeling. Me Looks like she’s one of those people whose eyes are really expressive and very deep and there’s something very pure in there, which I also think is one of the reasons why she’s really suited for the part because of her eyes I have a sense of goodness and purity.”

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Kriti Sanon’s lineup certainly looks extremely exciting with films Primordial, Prince, Insider, Ganapati And Anurag Kashyap’s unannounced next in the pipeline.

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