Kevin Bacon says footloose fever will never go away. Entertainment

Kevin Bacon feels grateful that fans are still devoted to his 1984 hit film “Footloose” nearly 40 years after its release.

The actor was propelled to fame after playing the lead role of a dance-crazed teenager in the Sangeet Natak film and revealed that he still takes pride in the film and enjoys hearing from devotees who have expressed their desire for their children. For the love of ‘Footloose’ is passed on.

Speaking on America’s ‘Today’ show, 64-year-old Kevin said of the film: “I love it. I think it’s great. It’s like all those things that make you think ‘Oh, My god, is this ever going to go away?’ At a certain point, you have to embrace the beast… Being a part of that movie was a great gift. Of course when I was doing it I took it very seriously and I love that people still Will come and say they just showed it to their kids.”

Kevin explained that he thinks the reason for “Footloose” is the stage show version, which premiered in 1998.

The musical has been played on stages around the world including Broadway and London’s West End, and small tours and school productions are still popular today.

He said: “After the Broadway show (ends), it becomes available to do in every single high school. And there’s not a lot of drama, certainly musicals, where you can play a musical and high school kids. There can be a bunch of it in this.”

The film “Footloose” won two Oscar nominations for Best Song for the title track by Kenny Loggins and “Let’s Hear It for the Boy” by Dennis Williams, while the Broadway stage show received four Tony Award nominations.

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