Kenyatta Bayano: Empowering athletes to use their personal brands

Sports Illustrated and Empower Onyx are focusing on the diverse journeys of black women in sport — from veteran athletes to up-and-coming stars, coaches, officials and series — to, Elle-Avette: 100 Influential Black Women in Sports.

Kenyatta Bayano, VP of creative strategy and marketing for OneTeam Partners, is a lifelong sports fanatic whose purpose has always been clear. The self-described “strategic thinker with a passion for writing” established himself as an industry veteran early in his career, with notable marketing roles at companies such as Jeep, Microsoft and Volkswagen—some of the ranks often held. One of the black women. But, as Bayano says, “I always knew I would get into the sports industry. I was ready to attack that passion as a fan.” Now working at OneTeam Partners, she helps athletes maintain agency over their name, image and likeness. In 2017, Bayano was recognized as part of adweekthe most powerful women in sports and sports business journalThanks to the ground-up work done by K Game Changers across the industry and the future she is helping to build for Black athletes and executives.