Jimmins Solo Album: Release Date, Title, Collaborations

ARMY are begging for BTS’ vocal line to release a solo album for what feels like forever, and their dreams are finally coming true. On June 14, BTS announced that they were taking a temporary hiatus from making music as a group to focus on their solo music, promising that each member would release a solo project. First came J-Hope’s solo album, “Jack in the Box”, which dropped on July 15. Their massive promotion of the album coincided with a history-making solo performance at Lollapalooza on July 29. Basically, Big Hit isn’t running around when it comes to group solo acts. Case in point: Jimin is teaming up with some of the sport’s biggest producers for his first solo outing.

In addition to telling fans that he’s “working” on several occasions, Jimin has kept a lot of his solo plans close to the chest. But if you’ve been paying attention to Jimin’s Instagram, you’ll know that after flying from Korea to Chicago to attend J-Hope’s Lola performance, he flew straight to L.A., and he’s giving fans some insight. Giving what he is doing on Instagram.

While no official details about Jimin’s solo release (which has long been referred to by fans as “PJM 1,” aka “Park Jimin 1,” fans) have been announced, Not a rocket scientist for the time that Jimin is working on his album. While in LA. Here’s everything to know about Jimin’s upcoming solo album so far.

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