Jason Oppenheim will always love Chrishell Stause. Entertainment News

Jason Oppenheim would love Chrishell Stause “for the rest” [his] Life”.

The real estate agency’s boss enjoyed a seven-month romance with his employee last year, but like his other former colleagues, he believes he will always have feelings for her and that she will be in trouble between former couples. “Can’t understand the concept” of animosity.

He said: “No relationship ever ended because someone did anything abusive. Nobody ever cheated, nothing like that.

“That doesn’t mean it isn’t difficult afterwards.

“But to me it’s like if you love someone, how do you stop loving that person?

“Like Krischelle, for example. I’ll love her for the rest of my life. That’ll never change.

“To me, it’s weird when you tell someone you love them and then you don’t love them afterwards. To me, I don’t understand. I don’t think I’ve ever loved anyone and then stopped loving them.I have always been like this.

“I really can’t understand when people tell me they can’t stand their ex. You woke up next to that person, told that person you really loved them, were in love with them …and now you hate them? I can’t understand that concept.”

Chriselle is now dating non-binary musician G Flip, and Jason insists there was “no awkwardness” when he went out with the couple.

Asked if he had met the 27-year-old singer, he told the Sunday Times Style magazine: “Yes, at the MTV Awards. I got to talk to him for a while. I really enjoyed it. I mean, it’s a lot. It was comfortable and it felt normal, it didn’t feel weird. There was nothing awkward.”

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But the 45-year-old businesswoman admitted her separation from Chrishell—which was rumored to have been sparked by the 40-year-old beauty’s desire to have children—was the “biggest heartbreak” of her life and that she’s still over it. Not there.

He said: “I was upset for a few months. I haven’t gone through this for so long.

“Ah, you know. Zero regrets. I wasn’t expecting [recovery] The process is so difficult, for sure. I have no plans to have a girlfriend any time soon. ,

While Jason isn’t looking for love again any time soon, he thinks he’ll eventually settle down, but he wants Chrishell and one of his other ex-girlfriends, Mary Fitzgerald, to approve of any potential mates.

He added: “I could at some point find myself married and with kids, but apparently that’s not the case now. I also feel like I’d be seriously run over by Mary and Chriselle and others.”