Jane Z. How brands can use online education tools to reach

  • Online education tools provide a unique opportunity for advertisers to connect with Gen Z.
  • Quizlet helps brands reach 60 million monthly active users – 90% are Gen Zs and Millennials.
  • Harnessing the values ​​of Gen Z is essential for any brand to earn its loyalty.

Gen Zs are digital natives – the first generation without knowledge of life before the Internet. They are ambitious and look for brands that reflect their values.

Understanding this demographic and resonating with it is a dynamic undertaking that requires marketers to be present, flexible and always listening. Given the trends, favorite social media channels, and their ever-evolving personal values, it can be difficult to capture Gen Z’s attention.

Maintaining and aligning their core interests is important for marketers hoping to resonate with Gen Z.

Education offers a unique opportunity for advertisers

Learning for 18-24 year olds is not a hobby or a side project; This is his main focus.

That being said, communities around education are great places to engage this elusive demographic. Notably, Quizlet, an online learning site and study tool, is a crowd favorite among both Gen Zs and Millennials. Being on a platform that helps students achieve their academic goals means being with them on the journey that is most important to their lives.

And advertisers are especially eager to draw the attention of Quizlet’s platform to its 60 million monthly active users, which are spread across 130 countries and 18 languages ​​worldwide.

Andrew Roth, founder and CEO of Gen Z research and strategy firm DCDX, believes that education-related behaviors are indicative of Gen Z’s deeper values. A recent LinkedIn report found that those values ​​include learning, career success and financial security. 1

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So it is no surprise that Quizlet is integrated into the lives of many high achievers. The platform providing homework help and study support prepares students for success at any stage in their educational journey. And because users are so driven to excellence, their engagement and loyalty to the site ranks Quizlet as one of the largest education and development platforms in the world.2

In fact, 20% of the total weekly online study time is spent with Quizlet.3 comScore reported in February 2022 that 18- to 24-year-olds were 2.2 times more likely to visit Quizlet than the average website. 4

And it doesn’t stop there as Quizlet’s relationships continue to grow, even as users grow personally and professionally. The comScore report also noted that 18- to 34-year-olds spent 133% more minutes on Quizlet than the average Internet site.

Gen Z. What to consider when marketing

Harnessing credible, mission-driven organizations and causes that Gen Z values ​​is essential for brands that want to develop long-term relationships and earn loyalty.

The Sprout Social Index, Edition XVII: Accelerate, found that 50% of Gen Z consumers are more likely to purchase from brands that demonstrate a true understanding of customers’ wants and needs.5

Quizlet ranks high on these fronts – it is Gen Z’s number two most trusted brand and one of the top three brands Gen Z sees as supporting causes.6

Education is one of the top reasons Gen Z is most passionate about, along with Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DEI) and the environment. In addition, Gen Z wants to see brands actively involved in these causes.7 It is also important for marketers to remember that diversity extends to race, gender, identity and orientation for this generation. Specific, top-of-mind causes last year included the pandemic, Black Lives Matter, racial equality, LGBTQ rights and gender equality.

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“As a global learning platform, our audience is made up of ambitious, diverse and goal-focused learners. Our student audience is loyal and attentive and uses Quizlet for every stage of personal, academic and professional development,” says Matt Glotzbach, CEO of the quiz said.

“For advertisers, this presents a unique opportunity to build long-term relationships with Gen Zs and Millennials, as well as invest in a platform that aligns with their core values ​​and fosters an equitable and accessible education ecosystem. Helps promote.”

Bottom line: Brands that engage this highly motivated audience on credible channels that support their achievement will enjoy long-term resonance and relevance.

Learn more about advertising on Quizlet here.

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