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In the year that Jamaica celebrates its Diamond Jubilee, Olivia ‘Baby’ Grange, Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, and jazz great, Monty Alexander, lead the list of people in the entertainment industry who have been officially honored with national honors. Awarded and awarded.

Both have been appointed members of the Order of Jamaica (OJ) in the list released on Independence Day. Ranked fifth in the order of preference, the OJ may be awarded to any outstanding citizen of Jamaica or to any distinguished citizen of a country other than Jamaica (Honorary Member).

For “outstanding contribution to cultural development and political administration in Jamaica”, Grange moves up the rank from an Order of Distinction (OD) to an OJ.

Alexander, who had already been named Commander of the Order of Distinction in the year 2000 by the government, is being recognized for “his outstanding contribution to the promotion of Jamaican music and interpretations of the jazz genre globally”.

Respect for Sherrill Lee Ralph

Also receiving the Honorary Order of Jamaica is Sheryl Lee Ralph. Her new position is granted for her “sterling contributions as an actress, cultural ambassador to Jamaica, and contribution to the international film industry”.

Renowned poet and professor, Kwame Dawes will be awarded the Order of Distinction in the rank of Commander. Born in Ghana in 1962, Dawes moved to Jamaica in 1971 and spent most of his childhood and early adult life in Jamaica. Many of his plays, poems and books have been published. In 2009, Dawes won an Emmy livehope love com, an interactive site based on his Pulitzer Center project, HOPE: Living and Loving with AIDS in Jamaica. He also received the Musgrave Silver Medal for his contribution to the arts in Jamaica in 2004.

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Thirty-five people will be awarded an ode to the rank of officer, including reggae and dancehall artist Agent Sasco, for “outstanding contributions to music, philanthropy and positive anti-social messaging for youth”; Renowned speaker and storyteller Dr. Amina Blackwood-Meeks; Jazz luminary Dr. Myrna Hague-Bradshaw and veteran entertainer Lord Creator.

Lord Creator, who was born Kenrik Randolph in San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago, began his career as a calypso singer before venturing into ska and rocksteady and making Jamaica his home. He wrote the song for Jamaica’s independence from Britain in 1962 independent jamaica With the Jamaica Military Band. Along with Cuban-born Roland Alfonso, Barbadian Jackie Opel and fellow Trinidadians Lynn Tait and Lord Brynner, Lord Creator was a significant and positive “outsider” influence during the early development of the Jamaican music scene. He has been awarded for his “contribution to the development of Jamaican music and community service”.

Leonard Howell, the founder of the Rastafarian movement, will also be awarded the Odie.

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List of Honorees – Entertainment & Culture

order of jamaica

Monty Alexander

Olivia Grange, Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport

Sherrill Lee Ralph (Honorary)

Order of distinction in the rank of Commander

Kwame Dawes

Order of distinction in the rank of officer

Dr. Amina Blackwood-Meeks

Jeffrey ‘Agent Sasco’ Campbell

Dr. Mirna Hague-Bradshaw

Mr. Leonard Percival Howell (Posthumous)

Kenrick ‘Lord Creator’ Patrick

Anthony ‘Chips’ Richards

John Randolph Swaby

Medal of Honor for Meritorious Service

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