Jack Grealish Brands Armed Attackers Who Targeted Hellsowen Trainer Cleaning Firm ‘Low Life Scum’

thieves cctv
thieves cctv

England star Jack Grealish was one of the first to endorse The Sneaker Dock after the company posted about the break-in on social media.

The Man City star commented at the bottom of the Instagram post: “Low life scum man, stealing used trainers, you’ll be back bro.”

James Harper, founder of The Sneaker Doctor, said: “On Monday night, our headquarters in Helsven was attacked by three armed men who emptied more than 130 trainers into building sacks and stole our customer service iPhones and our MacBooks. took.

“This hit was targeted and planned and close to home, and affects not only a small local business, but our hardworking customers who don’t deserve it.”

He continued: “Now more than ever we ask for the support of our followers in blowing up this post, so that any cheap trainers for sale in the Midlands are hot to handle.

“These scum went to extreme lengths to gain access, cut a hole in our roof, cut cables, destroy cameras, break our shutters, and steal trainers that the team spent on our incredible and valuable… Had worked so hard to make it clean and perfect for the customer.”

Mr. Harper founded the business four years ago and has many famous football players and rappers who use his services.

He said: “I’m heartbroken. I’ve put my life and my soul into this brand for the four years this hit has left us without a means to contact any customers or access our social accounts Because our backup codes are sent to stolen devices, so we’re just getting back online and trying to find our feet. I’m in the process of contacting all of you personally, but I’m one person, a small team trying to work, so please give me time to deal with this and talk properly to everyone.

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“Police is handling the matter. We are currently managing it and there is a process to follow right now to make sure we can give back to all the customers affected and we are doing everything we can There are many ways to handle this but the first way is the right way.”