IzmoEmporio tool puts buyers on the Buckeye Honda website

The dealership, which sold 1,718 new and used vehicles last year, is working to improve its messaging around experience.

It initially branded the tool as a virtual showroom on its website, but has since changed that approach to encourage more use. It is now listed in the New Vehicles menu as a “Build and Price” tool, which attracts customers thinking about buying a vehicle, while the Service and Parts menu calls it “Accessorize your ride”, Which is a message for those who have already bought a vehicle.

Vehicle configurators are common on manufacturer websites.

In the traditional approach, buyers view a vehicle’s build and price on the automaker’s site, where they can explore trim and options for a particular nameplate and then refer them to dealers in their areas.

But Thomas sees value in having a configurator who assists with research and keeps consumers on the dealership’s website longer.

“We all know that the more time a customer spends on our site, the better chance we have of selling them a car,” Thomas said. “I don’t think we’re necessarily trying to compete with the manufacturer, but when customers make it on our site, they don’t have to leave our site to be able to imagine something that doesn’t work for us.” Pass may not be in stock.”

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