It’s time to ring ’til the shopping season arrives

The city’s shopping season will soon be unveiled, as the annual event becomes a major functional platform and an iconic activity to promote the city’s status as an international consumption hub.

Shanghai Commerce Commission director Gu Jun said in a press briefing on Saturday that a total of 12 major promotional campaigns and more than a dozen district-level activities would be hosted from July to September.

The annual shopping festival is returning for the third time, and this year’s focus will cover hot topics such as the digital economy, community living and low carbon emissions.

While trendy fashion apparel, cosmetics, jewelery and vehicles will make their debut during the shopping season, the city will encourage brand promotional activities featuring new products, new technologies and new services.

“Shanghai’s economy still maintains a strong momentum and holds the leading position among domestic cities in terms of new store openings and brand launches,” Gu said.

A total of 366 debut stores opened in Shanghai in the first half. With key features like hi-tech gadgets, futuristic store design and eco-friendly merchandise, the new store will gain more steam in the second half.

“Many more new technologies and merchandise will be unveiled and available to Shanghai shoppers through the China International Import Expo,” he said.

L’Oréal will launch its first Chinese mainland store for Prada fragrances and cosmetics as another vote of its confidence in the fast-growing consumption landscape.

The first Shanghai store for its high-end skincare brand CARITA will also be set up at the Shanghai New World Daimaroo department store in early September.

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Targeted incentives and subsidies will also be provided by the government for brands with innovative retail formats, models and creative activities.

It's time to ring 'til the shopping season arrives


The economy of the city is strong.

Qiu Wenjin, deputy director of the Shanghai Development and Reform Commission, said the performance of Shanghai’s auto market has shown improvement.

Auto sales and incidental service spending rose 13 percent to 8.8 billion yuan (US$1.3 billion) in July, and the industry value of new energy vehicles grew 57 percent to 103 billion yuan.

Liu Min, deputy director of the Shanghai Commerce Commission, said digital platforms will play a major role in driving shopping demands with new initiatives to promote online and offline integration and promote digital lifestyle services.

The Shanghai Economy and Information Commission has mobilized digital platforms including RED, Dewu, Pinduoduo, Alibaba, Bilibili and Douyin to offer special promotions for buyers across the country.

Accumulated sales are expected to reach more than 100 billion yuan.

Here is a list of major promotional activities organized by local retailers and digital players.

It's time to ring 'til the shopping season arrives


The annual shopping festival returns for the third time.

  • Meituan said it is working closely with more than 100,000 caterers, retailers and supermarkets to cover a wide range of daily demands such as food, food pick up, transportation, entertainment and travel. Merchants as well as shoppers will be offered 1.8 billion yuan of promotional coupons and subsidies to cover the shopping and leisure activities of daily life.
  • Pinduoduo has pledged 3.8 billion yuan of subsidies with special promotions for Shanghai’s time-honored brands and local agricultural products. Its livestream session on Sunday evening will also feature local domestic brands and popular import products.
  • SAIC Motor Company will bring in over 50 new models under 13 brands as part of the ongoing Summer Car Festival that includes the latest offering of electrified features and connected smart vehicles. Brand Theme Day is staged through August 7, with a full range of outdoor activities available.
  • Automobile after-sales service provider Tuhu provides subsidies of up to 1000 yuan for auto maintenance, with combined vouchers of up to 2.2 billion yuan. It encourages online booking for car maintenance and also offers seasonal decorative and heat protection items.
  • Shanghai’s time-honored Lao Feng Jiang has promised a 100 yuan subsidy for every million buyers. It will also unveil a new store image of Chinese-style gold jewelery as well as new bridal and wedding jewellery.
  • Douyin plans to invite top livestreamers to help promote Shanghai’s local retailers and products, and will also bring together influencers to promote local deals, entertainment activities and the latest discount information. Augmented Reality Fitting Room and Virtual Art Show will be staged in collaboration with Douyin’s TX Huahai.
  • Suning’s promotion, which runs through the end of September, offers discount vouchers worth 2 billion yuan, covering supermarkets, grocery and appliance stores with energy-saving features and smart or high-tech elements, with more than 200,000 Special discounts are given for more types of equipment. For home appliance maintenance, repair and cleaning service, a range of subsidies are also available.
  • Alipay is poised to fully leverage its digital marketing and inclusive financial service and promote eco-friendly shopping and relevant activities. It will also provide community charitable service in selected sub-districts to help them take up digital services for the elderly.
  • Uniqlo launched nearly a dozen new seasonal apparel and discounts for more than 1,000 items, as well as a special 50-yuan discount for members.
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