Israel bases F-35s on pilot ejection seat concerns. world News

The aircraft will be inspected which will last a few days, the Israeli Air Force said on Twitter, and any individual F-35 operations will be conducted by the special authorization of the air force chief.

The Israeli Air Force on Saturday announced a temporary halt in its stealth fighter F-35 aircraft activity, following US concerns over a flaw in the pilot ejection system.

The aircraft will be inspected which will last a few days, the Israeli Air Force said on Twitter, and any individual F-35 operations will be conducted by the special authorization of the air force chief.

Israel’s announcement came after US notices on Friday about possible defects in explosive cartridges in pilot ejection systems on three US military aircraft, including the F-35, that temporarily halted some US operations.

Manufactured by Lockheed Martin Corp., the F-35 is also known as a Joint Strike Fighter and, in Israel, from its Hebrew name “Adir” (Mighty).

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