Ironclad announces Insight to convert contracts into operational insights for the entire business

Ironclad Insights, available today, lets organizations across businesses visualize, understand and analyze their contracted data

San Francisco, August 1, 2022 /prnewswire/- armoredLeading Digital Contracting Platform, Announces Today’s Release Insights, a full scale contract analysis and visualization platform. By capturing data from the entire contracting process, as well as metadata within contracts, Insights allows each organization within a company to have a deeper understanding of its contracts, obligations and opportunities.

“Since contracts are legally binding and used in every business act, contract data has an incredibly high degree of integrity – and effectively includes all knowledge about the business,” it said. Steven Yano, SVP of Product at Ironclad. “Ironclad Insights is democratizing operational analytics, giving a real-time understanding of business to any department of the company, without the need for an analytics team or technical resources.”

Create fully customizable data visualizations

Highly customizable and built to be used by any department, Insights enables users to create visualizations of critical operational and business data to make rapid decisions, remove barriers and present findings in a digestible manner to key stakeholders. allows. For example:

  • legal department Can track contract execution time and identify language barriers.
  • sales team Can better understand your sales cycle and in-flight negotiations.
  • leadership team It can break down how much business is executed by which counterparty, team member or organization and contract type.
  • HR Teams Can understand salary commitments made to employees.
  • marketing team Visualize expenses, duration-length, and access customer marketing agreement information quickly.
  • procurement team Easily track your commitments, renewal dates and expenses across the organization.
  • finance team Can instantly see cash inflows and outflows across the company and understand future financial obligations.

Use out-of-the-box contract data reports

Fully customizable analysis and visualization tool, Insights will launch with pre-packaged reports for customers to answer questions like:

  • How many contracts are in flight, what types are there, and what is the status of those contracts?
  • How long did it take to execute different types of contracts? And how much work did they do?
  • What is the current workload in the legal team and organization?
  • Which areas of business are growing the fastest – and the slowest?

Insights’ launch follows Ironclad’s recent release of their advanced dashboard, which has saved customers a total of nearly six years finding an in-flight contract in the three months since its launch. Later this year, Ironclad will release additional functionality to closely track the negotiation process, along with a “turn tracking” feature, and analyze and visualize historical contract data.

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Ironclad is the #1 contract lifecycle management platform for innovative companies, powering billions of contracts every year. L’Oréal, Staples, Mastercard, and other major innovators use Ironclad to collaborate and negotiate contracts, accelerate contracts while maintaining compliance, and transform contracts into critical carriers of operational business intelligence. It is the only platform that is flexible enough to handle every type of contracting workflow, whether sales agreement, human resource agreement or complex NDA. Recently named one of the top companies to stake your career by Business Insider, the company is a leader at Forrester Wave for contract lifecycle management and is backed by major investors such as Accel, Sequoia, Y Combinator and Bond. Is. visit for more information or follow us linkedin And Twitter,

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