Irish Games asked to give home to Ukrainian refugees

The Department of Sport in the Republic of Ireland has confirmed that it has contacted several sporting bodies to see if housing is available for Ukrainian refugees at their locations.

It said the Children’s Department had asked the GAA, IRFU and Sport Ireland to contact the search for short-term accommodation, following a report from the Business Post, according to RT.

The Irish government is under increasing pressure to provide housing for Ukrainian refugees.

About 3,500 Ukrainian refugees living in student housing will have to move out in the next coming weeks as students return to college.

More than 43,000 Ukrainian refugees have arrived in the Republic of Ireland and it is estimated that there may be around 50,000 by mid-August.

Speaking to RTE, the chief executive officer of the NASK Migrant and Refugee Rights Center said that while sporting venues are not designed for housing people, it should be a “measure of last resort”.

Fiona Hurley said that most of the survivors of the war were primarily women, children and vulnerable adults and it was difficult to ensure correct safety procedures in such places.

Earlier this month several Ukrainian refugees were accommodated at Dublin’s Aviva Stadium, but have since been moved to alternative accommodation.

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