IPL owners aim to get world’s best players on 12-month contracts

A major obstacle for players contracting with franchises in different leagues is that different leagues use different recruitment rules – a mix of auctions, drafts and personal negotiations. But Mysore said he is hopeful of improving the structure, which will allow more consistency between teams playing in different leagues. In practice, this could allow franchises to tie their highest-profile players to multi-year deals across leagues. If 12-month contracts were introduced, a range of key England players would be likely to be targeted by the franchise. Jos Buttler, Jofra Archer and Jonny Bairstow are already among the most iconic players of the IPL.

“If that happens, at some point in the future, it will be great,” Mysore said. “What we want to create is a common platform and a system and a culture that allows us to participate year-round – growing our brand, building our fan base, and providing opportunities to cricketers around the world. more In the process, you hopefully build a successful business around it.”

Mysore also said that, if Hundred is opened up to private investment, Knight Riders will be interested in investing in the competition.

“Our immediate reaction to any such proposal is to say, yes, we are fully interested as it is part of our strategy. Be it Big Bash or The Hundred, however, we invite private investment in these leagues. understand the challenges faced by them.

“Wherever we have gone, we have made it a success for the mutual benefit of the league as well as the Knight Riders. When we have an offer it’s because they understand the value that the Knight Riders brand brings with them and the whole package that comes with it – we know how those brands are built. ,

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Mysore hopes that Indian players will eventually be allowed to participate in overseas competitions, including the Hundred. It is widely believed that Indian players will give a big boost to the broadcast rights of foreign leagues.

“Certainly we are expecting that to happen at some point in the future,” Mysore said. “When we talk about this subject the BCCI says, ‘Yeah, we have to figure out how to do something’. I think they have an open mind. But they need to figure out how Indian cricket and What’s best for the Indian players. That’s how they would be thinking about it, which is fair enough. Some very good minded people would be putting their mind to this idea. It’s great if it all comes together Will happen.

“If it is allowed, even in a very limited way, it will ultimately be good for Indian cricket. Some players who haven’t been given a chance in the IPL yet can be the starting point.