‘I’m world class’ – Mickey McKinson proud of Portsmouth despite first loss against Virgil Ortiz Jr in US

The Pompeii problem drove Virgil Ortzy Jr. to Dickies Arena, Fort Worth, Texas before ever.

But McKinson, 28, suffered two knockdowns in the ninth round, throwing in his corner.

Ortiz Jr. claimed six knockouts in the first round on his way to the ring with a professional record of 18–0. For McKinson, it was his first pro defeat after 22 consecutive victories – starting in October 2014 and including four in his home city of Portsmouth – that took him to the world stage.

Mickey McKinson catches Virgil Ortiz Jr. in his WBO welterweight competition. Image by Golden Boy Promotion

It’s a level he believes he is following a stellar performance in his second fight in the US in six months.

McKinson later said: ‘My pride is a little damaged, this is the first time I’ve tasted defeat.

‘I was losing the fight, but there never came a time when I felt like I was going to stop.

‘The shots of her body are insane. I tried to keep a good poker face but they are solid shots.

Mickey McKinson and Virgil Ortiz Jr. after the WBO welterweight competition. Image by Golden Boy Promotion

‘I’m not at home. I am world class. I am very proud of where I have come. Not just for my city of Portsmouth, but for my country. Not many people are queuing up to fight Ortiz.

Ortiz Jr. also paid tribute to McKinson, saying: ‘He is the toughest fighter I have fought. I can say that.

‘I was like whether they are hurting him (his punches) or not? ‘To say that he is the toughest man I have prepared for is an understatement. I’m going to see him on top.’

McKinson was initially due to fight Ortiz Jr. in March, but left late due to American illness. In a hasty match, McKinson won a unanimous points decision against Alex Martin.

Mickey McKinson will take on Virgil Ortiz Jr. in his WBO welterweight competition. Image by Golden Boy Promotion

His desire to fight the States, and his desire to take on Ortiz Jr., has gone down well in the world of boxing.

McKinson commented on Twitter: ‘Both times I’ve fought in America, I’ve been very well received, both times I’ve got so many new supporters, the media loves me, the boxing world respects me too much. ‘

He continued: ‘Hopefully I start getting more publicity and respect now, or I’m staying here’ and a laughing emoji after that.

McKinson’s tweet received a lot of positive responses.

Mickey McKinson takes the field in Texas before his fight with Virgil Ortiz Jr. Image by Golden Boy Promotion

Rob Dean wrote: ‘Your name should be 100% more in conversation when we talk about the welterweight division! You have taken Ortiz further than he ever knew and you have made Portsmouth proud! ,

Pompedog said: ‘You also had a good interview Mickey – honesty, humility, humor – the Golden Boy was clearly pleased with the show – his boy was tested and the crowd was buzzing. We know you needed 12 rounds but you did a great job.

Alan Lodge tweeted: ‘Great performance, this is just the beginning for you. Definitely world class.’

And news Sports reporter Jordan Cross, who has reported on McKinson’s career throughout, posted on social media: ‘He made himself, his family and his city proud. Was beaten but definitely bent over.’

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