Illegal auto rickshaw poses a threat to MMCH patients

An illegal auto-rickshaw stand has been set up near the Mymensingh Medical College Hospital (MMCH), leading to a traffic jam outside the medical facility.

More than 100 three-wheelers use the stand at the city’s Charpara square, which is the main gateway to and from Dhaka and other destinations. Due to this many times vehicles are forced to move in one lane.

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Despite the presence of traffic officials in the area, commuters said auto-rickshaw drivers kept standing on the main road, leading to overcrowding. Locals said the “illegal auto-stand” has been here for more than 20 years.

The long tailback caused by the auto-stand poses a threat to hundreds of patients and their attendants, especially those in critical condition, who have to wait in an ambulance for a long time before entering the MMCH.

Anwar Hussain, a patient’s attendant, said, “It is a double problem for us as a major part of the road is occupied by stands, while footpaths are occupied by hawkers. This makes it difficult for us to walk even at the hospital.”

“Despite widespread public outcry against illegal parking and encroachment on footpaths, no one has taken any steps to alleviate the sufferings,” said a patient, Aurobinda Patranabish.

MMCH sources said the demand for removal of the stand has been repeatedly ignored by the city authorities.

An official of the Mymensingh Municipal Corporation, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that the manpower crunch was the reason behind resolving the situation.

When asked, MCC assistant secretary, MD Aminul Islam said that he has already spoken to the owners of auto-rickshaws to shift the stand from this busy area. “They have assured us of taking action on it at the earliest,” he said.

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