Hugh Jackman’s ‘beloved’ pet dog has died Entertainment

Hugh Jackman’s dog Dali has died.

The 52-year-old actor — who is married to actress Deborah-Lee Furness, 66, and is with Oscar, 21, and Ava, 16, on Saturday (06.08.22), revealed on social media that it was his beloved French Bulldog. The death was followed by a “very sad day” for the family, just a month before his 12th birthday.

Along with an old photo of himself and Dali, Hugh wrote on Instagram: “It’s a very sad day for our family. Dali, our sweet Frenchie, passed away last night. He will be 12 next month … Joe I have been told this breed has a long life.”

The ‘Les Miserables’ star also has a poodle named Allegra, but he pointed out that Dali – who is believed to have been named after artist Salvador Dali – has always been referred to as “Rockstar” in the Jackman’s home. Because of how he “march” to the beat of his own drum.

Hugh continued: “I always used to call him a Rockstar. Because he was!

“He went to the beat of his own drum, dear to the whole world, and did he have a good life. We will miss him, but know that he is thundering in the heavens, ruling the roost and who Enjoying anything you can eat. RIP DALI ROCKSTAR JACKMAN. WE LOVE YOU!”

The Broadway star regularly shares puppy updates with her 30 million followers on Instagram and previously joked that her canine companions were “more famous” than her.

He said: “My dogs are more famous than I am! If I post anything about my dogs, it blows up. I just did a play and fans were coming to the theater – but it’s not for me I was taking the puppy goes to the theater and the fans say ‘when is the dog coming?’ They came to see the puppy. They didn’t care about me! And I get it, they’re more interesting than me!”

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