How to protect your dog from hot weather Entertainment News

While the sunny months may seem like an ideal time for dog owners and to be with their pets, hot weather can be harmful to dogs. Many pet owners analyzed research and reports from veterinary schools and other pet experts to compile a list of ways to protect their dogs from hot weather.

Dog health issues in the summertime outweigh the dangers of extreme weather – pet parents need to be proactive about the safety of their dogs. According to research from the American Veterinary Medical Association, hundreds of dogs die annually from heat exhaustion after being left in hot cars. A UK study released in 2020 found that dogs were just as likely to die from exercise-induced heat stroke as being left in hot cars.

Heat stroke in dogs is a potentially fatal condition, and with the rise in global temperatures, it may become more common. This condition in dogs usually occurs when the body temperature exceeds 106 degrees Fahrenheit even without previous signs of illness. However, a US military study suggests that working dog temperatures can routinely reach 108 degrees Fahrenheit without harm. While military dogs can withstand extreme temperatures, other dogs, such as flat-faced breeds and older dogs, are at greater risk of heat stroke.

As serious and extreme as heat stroke is, it is not just a dog health problem that accompanies hot weather. Heat cramps and heat exhaustion are less serious conditions that can occur. Common symptoms are excessive panting or difficulty breathing, fever, rapid pulse and muscle tremors. Once these symptoms appear, it is best to move your dog out of the sun to a cooler environment.

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Keep reading for seven ways to help keep your dog cool and protected during the hottest months of the year.