Hotels and resorts with tailor-made experiences will survive 2022-23

With tourism expected to witness a strong growth in 2022 and rapidly growing in 2023, travelers are looking for bespoke, handmade and tailor-made experiences. And luxury hotels and resorts are giving their guests the luxury they need.

The travel and tourism sector across the world witnessed a rush of digital and physical innovations amid the unprecedented times of the pandemic. As humanity has experienced one of the most difficult times ever, the tourism sector has demonstrated its resilience and its value.

In the spirit of celebrating World Tourism Day, Anil Malani, CEO, Deltin says, “The tourism industry in India has not only recovered, but is now thriving better than it was before the outbreak. It is heartwarming to see that the travelers, many of whom have been confined to their homes for months, are once again seeing the world. This has forced the industry to rethink and reimagine the offerings, paying attention to the finer details. As the number of travelers expands, the tourism and hospitality industries are adapting to the new needs and emerging trends of the segment. ,

Guaranteed benefits and great experience will lead the way. Bookings for eco-conscious, lifestyle-seeking hotels and resorts will accelerate in 2023. Mantra is tailor-made.

At Jahan Numa, patrons will be treated to The General’s Table, a private dining experience and a royal feast from their great grandfather’s kitchen. The Lost Recipes of Central India at The Retreat transforms the region’s centuries-old culinary legend into an experiential meal. Jahan Faiz Rashid, Director of Numa Group of Hotels, says, “Our experiences are tailored for gourmets, historians, adventurers, naturalists and those seeking something beyond the ordinary.” The museum in the Palace is a collection of rare photographs and memorabilia of our ancestors, their various events and the city. Horse Safari at Reni Pani Jungle Lodge offers guests a unique perspective of the Satpura landscape etc. “We strive to restore the culture and history of Bhopal and preserve the wilderness of that landscape while providing our guests with the highest quality service and a unique brand of conscious luxury,” says Rashid.

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Instead of cookie-cutter rooms and itineraries, savvy travelers opt for hotels that offer a memorable experience, whatever the destination or location. Roseate Ganga since its inception has been providing engaging experiences that include personalized Ganga Aarti, a visit to the Beatles Ashram and yoga on a private beach, making it a favorite resort for travellers. “At Rosette Hotels & Resorts, we continually upgrade our lifestyle experiences and offer specially curated itineraries for our guests. For instance, with wellness being on the agenda for most travelers, we have introduced a one-day wellness package that includes pulse check on arrival, detox meals, treatments and yoga sessions at our Aheli Spa,” said Kush Kapoor, CEO, Notes Rosette Hotels & Resorts. Hotels that offer unique experiences survive and charge a premium for offerings.

The pandemic has brought a paradigm shift in the way people travel. Travelers are looking for experiences that add value to their time spent during a vacation. There has been a boom in demand for wellness retreats due to the benefits of healthy living as well as the experience they bring to the table. “At Fazlani Nature’s Nest we have created an amalgamation of nature and wellness therapies to provide unique and advanced experiences for our guests. Apart from Ayurveda and Naturopathy wellness therapies we offer some unique therapeutic experiences like Equine Therapy and Ecotherapy. Guests are given the opportunity to walk, brush, pet and take care of the horse,” says Onkar Singh, Vice President, Hospitality and Wellness Operations, Fazlani Nature’s Nest.

Guests can feed birds, raise a pony and milk a goat and experience how therapeutic each of these activities is. One can also experience forest bathing at the resort, basically exposure to and taking in the atmosphere of the forest. We provide people with an eco-antidote to tech-boom burnout and inspire them to reconnect with nature,” says Singh.

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As the world gets smaller and the internet takes over our lives, the novelty of places and old travel stories are becoming less common. In an ever-changing dynamic world, heartfelt experiences are the only constant. What really sets the travel experience apart is its ability to respectfully display a new kaleidoscope of culture, history, society and art, the soft magic that comes with the press of a button and a world of enormous options available for a few thousand dollars. mesmerizes. Raj Singh, Founder President, Group, Antara Luxury River Cruises says, “I truly believe in and practice slow and sustainable travel with the participation of local communities and experiential hospitality on all our 5 ships at Antara River Cruises, So as to ensure that the experienced traveler comes back to us to taste it every time. ,

The client is looking for a mosaic of experiences that are right to the ground, inspiring and unique, and collectively benefit local communities. “Our guests seek us out for vacations that cover everything from nature and the wilderness to history, culture, cuisine, community and wellbeing. Active vacations are gaining popularity where guests are closer to nature through deep-sea diving One can reach and take an intertidal walk at Tilar Siro in Andaman, go on naturalist-led biosphere exploration in Wayanad Wild, trek through the forest with tribal forest guards at Spice Village near Periyar Tiger, coconut in Kumarakom From the K lagoon to the narrow canals and large lakeside reserve, kayaking and stand-up paddling to discover the biodiversity of the rural life and backwaters,” says Mridula Jose, Vice President Marketing, CGH Earth.

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People’s demands for luxury have changed drastically after the pandemic. They are ready to go to any extent to avail these services and make it a memorable experience. At the Taj Hotel & Convention Center, guests can enjoy morning yoga in the infinity pool, indulge in lavish in-room breakfast, puppet shows, and live music. “We have a special Noor-e-Taj show which throws light on the history of Taj Mahal and the rich history of Agra. At THCC we believe in offering modern amenities but also feel the culture of Agra which blends seamlessly into the experiences we offer,” said Partosh Ladhani, JMD, Sincere Developers Pvt Ltd, Taj Hotels and believes the owner company of the Convention Centre, Agra.

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Be a part of the luxury revolution that Indian tourism is going through and experience the beauty.

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