Hilarious Grand Theft Auto 5 video shows NPCs not reacting to Michael falling from the sky

a Grand Theft Auto 5 The player recently entered Director Mode and saw how an NPC would react if one of the main characters fell from the sky in front of them. In the video, the player used the mod to launch Michael de Santa/Michael Townley into the air and land right in front of a set of NPCs. oddly enough, Grand Theft Auto 5 The characters do not react when Michael falls from the sky.

back in 2015, Grand Theft Auto 5The PC version of C introduced Director’s Mode to the video game. This mode allows players to change the game’s environment and take control of NPCs, to change the game’s setting, among many other things. Notably, the mode allows players better control of the conditions in which they record videos within the game. Sometimes, however, using Director Mode in a game leads to some unexpected results with the game’s various NPCs.

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Grand Theft Auto 5K NPCs often respond to things that players do in strange and unexpected ways. In an example, a grand theft auto The player was actually protected by an NPC when another NPC attacked them. in a recent post on grand theft autoOn its Reddit page, user TheAnnoyingKoala shared the video with a strange NPC reaction. After Michael is exposed, none of the NPCs respond in the way expected. In fact, for the most part, they just ignore Michael and keep going, but one person actually apologizes for hitting him.

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As mentioned above, Director’s Mode was introduced in the PC version of the game. to enter Grand Theft Auto 5 Instructional mode may require some guidance, but once players nail it down, it can result in some amusing moments. Some of these moments happen to involve the game’s many unexpected NPCs.

Sometimes, the game’s NPCs behave in crazy ways. In addition to the above player protection, a grand theft auto The NPC stole a player’s helicopter only for another NPC to buy another. Other examples show NPCs deliberately colliding with players while driving, and others walking around in the middle of gun battles. The game’s Director Mode throws another wrench in NPC AI that it’s not always ready to handle, and players will see more examples of this before the release of the sixth game.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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