Highway 79. But the owners of the tarant business are disappointed due to the continuous floods.

TARRANT, Ala. (WBRC) – Frustrated businessmen in Tarrant want the city to do something about the incessant flooding along Highway 79.

Still Stand’n’ Barber shop owner Lash Shelton said it happens all the time and September 4th was a prime example. This is because the road was almost impassable.

You can see the drivers trying to avoid what looks like a pond on the side of the road.

Taco Bell’s manager said a customer’s car stopped and it has been sitting in their parking lot ever since.

Shelton said that little rain causes flooding in the area.

He’s been at this location for about seven months and says water has entered his shop at least twice, and it sometimes prevents customers from coming in.

He said he thinks it is a problem with the drainage system and wants the city to do something about it now.

“Make it disappear. (Laughter) Make it disappear. People try to get in, sometimes their cars stop because the water is so deep, you know, right in front. Fill this whole parking lot . I shouldn’t be affected by every rain. Like every rain? Maybe, you know, when it rains a lot. Maybe I could understand it, but the tiniest amount of rain would cause a flood,” Shelton said Told.

We reached out to Mayor Wayman Newton on September 6 to see if there are any plans to fix the issue.

We scheduled a speaking time, but they canceled.

We also contacted the city police chief, but he was asked not to talk about the matter.

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We reached out to the Mayor again on 8th September but our calls, messages and messages were not returned.

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