Gary Lineker Explains Why He Deleted Tweet About Chloe Kelly’s Sports Bra Celebration at the Euro 2022 Finals

Gary Lineker has explained why he removed a tweet about the now famous celebration of England hero Chloe Kelly during the Euro 2022 final.

Kelly scored the winner in extra time as England beat Germany 2–1 to win Euro 2022. The Manchester City forward takes off his shirt and puts it on his head, mimicking Brandi Chastain’s iconic celebration of the USA’s victory over China in the 1999 World Cup final when she took off her shirt and slipped on her knees wearing a sports bra Went.

Lineker is known for his efforts on Twitter, and soon after sealing England’s victory he posted: “@Lionnesses just went and did it, and Kelly is the heroine of England, bra none.”

Lineker swiftly deleted the tweet after some commenters were outraged, seemingly not realizing the context of the joke. The BBC presenter was criticized by Karen Ingala Smith, chief executive of Nia Charity, which has been campaigning against violence aimed at women, who wrote: “Please be aware of the sexist reactions to your now-deleted badly deleted tweet. Apologize and condemn.”

He explained: “It was just a play on words, given the celebration. I do this kind of bullshit here all the time, including in men’s football. I removed it because not many people saw the game so missed the context.”

Another fan of Kelly’s celebration was Chastain himself, who tweeted: “I see you”. @chloe_kelly98 Brilliant. Enjoy a free round of pints and dinners from all over England for the rest of your life. encourage!”

Kelly was shown a yellow card by referee Katerina Monjul for their celebration because it is against the rules of the game to remove your shirt while celebrating, but she had no regrets.

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“I just got psychic,” she said. “Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect! But I think it was an amazing celebration because – what a tournament! I didn’t think about it. I didn’t plan it. It was fine, right? “