Fuel efficient Suzukis are proving to be a hit with South African motorists

Wasanga Mehna interviews motoring journalist Ernest Page and contributor, Kumbi Matashkazi about the fuel-saving Suzuki car brand.

  • Suzuki is the best selling passenger car brand in South Africa
  • The Japanese-made small car is considered a fuel efficient and budget vehicle.
  • The Suzuki Celerio is priced at R174 000 while many other models cost R300 000 . is less than

Suzuki is selling more of its cars in South Africa than ever before. © bogie22/123rf.com

Motoring journalist, Ernest Page has been spending a lot of his time investigating the budget car category as well as the most fuel efficient vehicles on the market in South Africa.

In May, Suzuki became South Africa’s best-selling passenger car brand, partly due to the fact that it ticks those two very important boxes.

Suzuki is comparatively cheap compared to other small car brands, and its vehicles are generally fuel efficient.

For decades, the number one selling car brand in South Africa was Toyota or Volkswagen, but they are now being sold by Japanese small car specialists.

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Page is testing the Suzuki Baleno 1.5 GL at its media launch, where he had the car over the course of two days where he averaged 5.1-litres per 100 km.

Priced at R225 900, the Suzuki Baleno 1.5 GL is big enough to comfortably accommodate a small family of four, and it’s big enough for city and highway commuting without using too much petrol.

Priced below R300 000, the Suzukis is proving to be a huge hit with the South African motorist.

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The Celerio is one of those cars, which is literally one of the most affordable cars you can buy. 4.2L per 100km for the AMT variant which is like an automatic. I have manual which is 4.4L per 100KM.

Ernest Page, motoring journalist

It’s a small, small car. Easy to drive, easy to park. It has a park detection system.

Ernest Page, motoring journalist

Suzuki is attacked. I really have to give them. Right now, they are finally leading the passenger car market. Their strategy is working, they are building beautiful looking cars.

Kumbi Matashkazi, Motoring Contributor

Most manufacturers remember this when we say we want a car that doesn’t cost a lot but then skimp on features and what it looks like. But the Suzuki Baleno looks really good.

Kumbi Matashkazi, Motoring Contributor

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