Franklin’s business owner proves women can hide fashionably

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) — A Williamson County woman is changing the way women in arms fashion.

Valerie Troya-Nussbaum is a small business owner. But first she is a mother of three children and a former naval officer.

“I’ve been trained by the military on firearms safety, but also on firearms use,” Troya-Nusbaum said. “One day I wanted to protect myself and I wanted to go out into the community and not feel unsafe.”

That’s when she came up with a new concept – a gun holster specifically for women. They are sold online at her business, Olivia Concealed Boutique.

Different styles allow women to carry non-lethal and lethal weapons such as tasers, pepper spray or shotguns. This is all to help them at a moment’s notice.

“For me it’s the safest thing to do to put it on my body because you only have a few seconds to react,” Troya-Nussbaum said.

The clothes she sells in the boutique are baggy enough for women to hide their weapons.

“I wanted to create a line for myself, but also for women like me who don’t want to wear camo all day,” she said.

It’s a new way women can protect themselves while still maintaining their style.

“Go from moms on brunch, date nights, the office, happy hour, wherever you go,” Troya-Nusbaum said. “Protecting yourself is as easy as putting on your makeup.”

She also conducts education sessions with women about safety and self-protection.

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