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Each month, we outline a Connecticut small business showcasing the ingenuity and innovation that drives the state’s economy. For October, we spoke with Chris Fraley from Fraleigh & Gray Inc., based in Glastonbury.

When was your company established?


How many employees work for your company?


Who are your customers?

We are an independent insurance agency that insures Connecticut residents who own homes and automobiles.

What makes your company unique?

We are being unique as we answer our phones. This ensures that our customers will immediately speak to one of our agents to take care of their needs. It helps to develop a strong personal relationship which is the cornerstone of our operation.

What is a fun fact about your business or its history?

Our business has grown on referrals only – we have never advertised.

Why did you choose Connecticut?

I was born here and am a proud Connecticut Yankee.

What is the biggest advantage of operating in Connecticut?

Connecticut is a well-educated state; Hence, my clients are knowledgeable who help them deal with the complexities of the insurance industry.

How do you try to give back to your community?

I have been a member of Glastonbury Rotary for 20 years and also the Little League umpire for the city.

Where do you see your company in five years? ten years?

Continue to provide quality personal insurance services.

What are the main things policy makers can implement to make your company more competitive?

They need to focus on making our state a more affordable place to live. Otherwise, I would not have customers to insure.

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