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Centenary Alumni Team

Coaches: Bryson Davis-Johnson, Jeff Johnson and Jimmy McDonald


No. player class

0 Tiger O’Neill 2010

1 Bryson Cowper 2019

2 Kam Reeves 2017

3 Jordan Johnson 2009

4 Casey Carter 2014

5 Tommy Makaboo 2018

10 Terrion Howard 2015

11 Tylon Alexander 2012

12 Jamonte Williams 2019

23 James Kinney 2009

25 Daedric Bird 2014

32 Quinn Nottingham 2016

55 Josh Piper 2011

Overview: All three coaches were members of Centennial’s 2008–09 team that won the Class 3A state championships as O’Neal, Jordan Johnson, Kinney and Piper. This talent will blend well with the capabilities of recent graduates, including Parkland College’s former products Nottingham and Macaboo. The Centennial alumni team could have been even more powerful, but former Illini Revonte Rice and Michael Fincke had professional struggles.

Coaches of the Champagne Central Alumni Team: PJ Keaton and Keith Biggers


No. player class

1 Jay Simpson 2012

2 Germaine Roebuck 2015

4 Kam Rowan 2014

5 Jordan Carolyn 2014

11 Fred Greer 2015

12 Wordell Jones III 2008

14 Donald “Duckie” Stewart 2008

22 Jordan Lee 2006

23 A’Keon Gill 2018

24 Tim Finke 2018

41 Clayton Jones 2012

42 Jordan Walker 2009

44 Spence Johnson 2006

Overview: Biggers, Stewart and Vardell Jones helped central place third in the 2008 Class 3A state tournament. News-Gazette columnists Simpson (Purdue), Caroline (Southern Illinois and Nevada), Verdell Jones (Indiana), Johnson (UMKC), Clayton Jones (Illinois) and Rowan (Western Illinois) all played Division I, while Tim Finke still played. Playing in the right state.

Colin Laikas is the prep coordinator at The News-Gazette. He can be reached at [email protected] or on Twitter at @clikasNG.

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