Fantasy Football Week 3 Injuries: Dalvin Cook’s shoulder, Mack Jones’ ankle headline injury concerns

Injuries have arguably been the defining feature of the first three weeks of the NFL season, and week 3 is particularly difficult. David Montgomery out of Bears-Texans game early with knee/ankle injury that could lead to Khaleel Herbert Must-Add Players on the Weaver-Wire Heading in Week 4, However, it was far from the only injury we saw on Sunday that would send Fantasy players on the strings of remission.

In fact, in 29% of the CBS Fantasy League, Herbert might not even be the top player to add—because that’s how many leagues Alexander Mattison is still in. Mattison could be in line for a very valuable role after seeing Dalvin Cook. Kicked out of Sunday’s game against the Lions in the third quarter with a shoulder injury. It’s a particularly concerning injury for Cook, who has a long history of shoulder issues back in college. Although, According to Tom Pelicero of NFL NetworkCook suffered a dislocated shoulder and is expected to make a recovery going forward. Cook is expected to wear the harness and the Vikings hope to be able to play against the Saints next week.

However, if Cook is forced to leave for the next week or so, we need to be prepared. We’ve seen what it looks like when Mattison gets the chance to start for the Vikings, although he was in Mike Zimmer offense, more run-heavy than the revamped Vikings. Still, Mattison has made a pretty convincing run of impersonating Cook in the six games Cook has missed in the past four seasons, averaging 20.4 PPR points per game, 79.5 rushing yards at 20.2 attempts, and receiving 36 on 3.8 catches per game. Vale Yards – Since 2019, Cook averages 92 yards on 19.5 attempts with 34.5 receiving yards on 3.2 catches.

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Hopefully the injury for Cook will be minor. He had a torn labrum and a severed shoulder in last season’s Week 12, but missed just one game. He’s played through these recurring injuries, so it’s possible it’s just a week’s absence – there are early signs that it’s not considered a serious issue.

There is still uncertainty about the injury. What we do know, if Cook gets out, Mattison is going to be a top-12 RB. So, even though Cook’s injury is minor, it’s just another reminder that Mattison deserves to be on your bench because he’s always a Dalvin Cook injury away from being in your lineup.

There were many other injuries around the NFL in Week 3, of course. Here’s what we’re following coming out of Sunday’s Games:

Mac Jones (ankle)

Jones threw an interception in his last game of the game and came away with a very bad lameness—he tried to jump over the edge with a one-leg. It is not clear what caused the injury, but he could not put any weight on his left leg as he was assisted in the locker room for evaluation. It looked like one of the Ravens defensive linemen fell on his ankle as he hit him. We’ll learn more about the injury in the coming days, however, because it’s the Patriots, we probably won’t. that much – At least, not until they have to tell us something. The 36-year-old veteran Brian Hoyer has spent seven years with the Patriots, but has started just one game, and is a very disappointing option, as are most career backups. This offense isn’t much to get excited about, even when Jones is healthy, and that won’t change if Hoyer is to play.

David Montgomery (knee/ankle)

I wrote about Montgomery’s injury here, and with early signs suggesting that Cook’s injury is not considered particularly serious, Khalil Herbert will likely become the top exemption-wire target in Week 4. He looks good on this offense overall, which includes two starts last season when he did 245 yards and a touchdown overall. If Montgomery loses time he will be a frontline top-12 RB.

Michael Thomas (feet)

Thomas skipped Sunday’s game and initially tried to work through it before eventually being sent to the locker room for more treatment. He was later downgraded to a dubious return and eventually did not return. It’s not clear whether the injury is related to the ankle injuries that have largely sidelined Thomas over the past two seasons, but think of it that way when you see Thomas battling a lower body injury. It’s not difficult. Chris Olev caught nine passes for 147 yards, with Thomas and Jarvis Landry both leaving early Sunday’s game.

Tua Tagovailoa (head)

Tagovailoa was forced to skip Sunday’s game in the second quarter, and it was a very scary sight, as he took a hit and then stumbled and tried to walk over the edge. He was taken to the locker room for testing before being cleared to play, and he ended the game without incident. The NFL Players Association has told the NFL that it wants to review the concussion protocol resulting from the approval of Tagovailoa, and we will keep an eye on it over the next few days to see if Tagovailoa has a recurrence of symptoms. He finished the game for 13 for 186 yards and hit a touchdown through the air.

T Higgins (head)

Higgins was also briefly forced to leave Sunday’s game for concussion evaluation, although he was eventually cleared to return as well. Since Higgins suffered an injury in Week 1, it would be worth keeping an eye on it over the next few days as well. He’s been tremendous when he’s healthy with five catches for 93 yards on seven goals on Sunday – and he could have had a really big game if not for an iffy reversed touchdown.

Jarvis Landry (ankle)

Landry’s injury seems less serious than Thomas’s, if only because he was originally announced as likely to return. Of course, this is no science, and we’ll have to see how the next few days go. It might be worth using if Thomas loses time, or he could push Olev into an even more prominent role in the Saints’ crime.