‘Fake news’: Kyle Chalmers denies reports of rift with McConne, Simpson Commonwealth Games

Kyle Chalmers says he is feeling victimized because of a media smear campaign based on a fake love triangle and has almost given up swimming.

The Australian swim star has accused the media of using them for “clickbait” by publishing stories about his relationship with Emma McCann and Cody Simpson.

Chalmers and McCon dated last year but broke up, with McCon now Simpson’s partner.

“It’s all just false news that’s really just bullshit, it’s honestly just loads of nonsense that isn’t true,” Chalmers told reporters Saturday night.

All three swimmers are taking part in the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

Chalmers and McCon won gold on Friday night as part of Australia’s 4x100m freestyle mixed relay team.

But some tabloid reports focused on Chalmers, portrayed as a jilted lover, supposedly overlooking McCain at post-race celebrations.

“I certainly congratulated,” Chalmers said. “If you look back at the race I actually run and say good job across the pool.”

McCain agreed.

“He has done [offer congratulations]She said after winning another gold in Australia’s women’s 4x100m freestyle relay team.

Chalmers also won gold on Saturday night as part of Australia’s men’s 4x100m freestyle team.

Emma McCann and Cody Simpson during training in Birmingham on the eve of the Commonwealth Games.
Emma McCann and Cody Simpson during training in Birmingham on the eve of the Commonwealth Games. Photograph: Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

His swimming also helped Simpson win a gold medal – the celebrity swimmer would receive a gold for being the heat swimmer in the event.

“I wish Cody the best of luck, I say good job to Cody, I sent him a message after the race,” Chalmers said. “I don’t do anything but be as positive as possible.

“I support him in the team but, again, people just want to click on the article. It’s unfortunate that I can’t fix anything at the moment.

“I think it’s fantastic that he’s here … It’s fantastic for our sport, it brings in new audiences. What he’s achieved in two years of swimming is unbelievable.”

Chalmers said the media attention is affecting his mental health.

“You people [media] Really don’t realize your impact on athletes, when we stand to perform not only for ourselves but for our country, you guys can impress a lot,” he said.

“And for me after the tests I really sat down and evaluated whether I was going to continue with the sport, because for me I gave everything to this country, I’ve given my sport everything… Instead of focusing on the negative, you guys want to focus on the negative again.

“You can try and bring me down however you want but it’s only going to go on for so long and I’ll stop talking to the media.”

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