Ellen star Sophia Grace insists she hasn’t had plastic surgery. Entertainment

Sophia Grace refuses to undergo plastic surgery

The 19-year-old TV star – who first rose to fame as a child when she and cousin Rosie McClelland were invited to ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ in 2011, when the talk show host played Nicki Minaj’s ‘Super Bass On’ ‘ saw the cover. YouTube – was accused of acting on social media and made a video to emphasize that it didn’t.

In a video posted on YouTube, she said: “So someone said, ‘At first, when I saw you on social media, I thought you had plastic surgery, right? No, I don’t have any plastic surgery. I’ve probably answered this many times on my Instagram and YouTube. So no, I haven’t had any plastic surgery.”

The ‘Little Things’ hitmaker – who has released a series of charting singles as his cousin and a solo artist since finding fame on “Ellen” at just seven years old – revealed that he is “not interested in ” to fill in the lips and explain that the style of her makeup probably caused the accusations in the first place.

She continued: “I mean, I really don’t think my lips look that big. Maybe I didn’t outline them as much as I do today. But I’ve never done lip fillers. Me in it Wouldn’t be interested to get lip fillers. Makeup is very powerful and obviously I look a lot different without makeup than I do with it, which most people do. And yes, that’s probably why people think so Because I’m pretty good at makeup and I’m pretty good at making my face look like I’ve probably had surgery, although I haven’t.”

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