Doctors warn against viral TikTok calamine primer trend

Tiktok is full of really cool ideas. Unfortunately, the truly innovative life hacks are equally balanced by the bad.

Case in point: using calamine lotion to prime your skin before applying your makeup.

Many beauticians suggest lotions, which are commonly used to reduce itching in skin conditions like poison ivy or chicken pox, to reduce oily skin, treat acne scars, fix makeup. And can help a lot.

User @tiasamudaa may have been the first to share the idea back in late 2021, but it wasn’t until a video in March that anyone noticed when he was asked to paint lotion on his face before blending. Was seen using small makeup brushes. A new matte liquid foundation. The video is just over 500,000 likes and filled with comments asking about the application of calamine and tagging other makeup artists to review them.