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Brock University alumnus Paul Hubley (BSc ’91) believes that Earth science is a means to solve many of the world’s toughest problems – and has put it to the test through his decades-long career.

The Principal and Senior Geoscientist of Hubli Geosciences Limited was recently honored for his efforts as the recipient of Brock’s 2022 Faculty of Mathematics and Science Distinguished Graduate Award.

Hubli has 30 years of consulting experience on more than 1,000 projects in most Canadian provinces.

He has provided expert testimony and opinion for Ontario Superior Court, Environmental Review Tribunal and Ontario Municipal Board hearings, and through his training and experience, he is regularly involved in asset contamination and restoration, liability assessment, risk management and sustainability. Provide practical direction to the issues.

Growing up in St. Catherine, Hubley wanted to “spread his wings” after graduating high school and began his secondary journey outside Niagara. He quickly realized the benefits of going to school in his hometown and returned to attend Brock in 1988. Hubli earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Geological Sciences from the university in 1991.

Their wide range of accreditation includes certification by ECO Canada; Canadian Risk Manager Certification by Global Risk Management Institute; and Fellow of Geosciences Canada.

His continued career advancement and campaign to re-imagine what Earth science could be is built on this advice: “Don’t get caught up in your paradigm.”

Hubli says it continues to look for new ways to improve while maintaining top quality in its work.

“Your job has to stand up to scrutiny, and when you work with governments and the law, you need to be as accurate as possible,” he says.

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In 2021, he was acclaimed for a one-year term as President of Professional Geoscientists Ontario (PGO) and appointed for a two-year term as Coordinator (Canada) for the International Association of Promoting Geoethics (IAPG). it was done.

As chair of the PGO’s Professional Practice Committee (2012–2021), Paul led the development of a peer-reviewed guideline for professional geology work, developed a Sustainability and Climate Change Committee (now the PGO’s Standing Standing Committee) and Oversee updates to best practice. Guidelines in sub-disciplines.

Hubli cares deeply about indigenous communities and hopes to help them address their water problems. Her work with the non-governmental organization Water First – with which she has volunteered for 20 years – has flown her to Indigenous communities in northern Ontario to train indigenous people to staff water and treatment plants.

Hubli says he will use the energy to earn Distinguished Graduate Honors in the form of “lightning strikes and high-energy explosions.” He intends to use the award as fuel to continue his dedicated work on environmental issues.

“We are proud to count Paul Hubli as an alumnus,” said Ejaz Ahmed, dean of Brock’s Faculty of Mathematics and Science. “His leadership, commitment to environmental management, and business acumen are blazing.”