Diane Ladd will never retire. Entertainment

Diane Ladd says she can’t watch her latest film ‘Gigi & Nate’ without the stars who died after shooting for the film.

Hollywood icons Christopher Plummer, William Hurt and Peter Fonda all tragically passed away in September ahead of the play’s release in theaters, which makes it a tough watch.

Diane – who is the mother of actress Laura Dern – said: “I play the mother of a young dead war hero. Chris Plummer plays the father. He passed away after this film, and it was his last spectacular. is performance.

“Peter Fonda also died after this film. This is also his last great performance.

“And after this film the great William Hurt died. This is his last great performance.

“You only need tissues to see this!”

The Oscar-nominated star has vowed to continue working until his death.

The 86-year-old Hollywood star has had several roles away from movies and television, including as a spiritual healer, and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

She told Closer US magazine: “I’ll keep working until I die. That’s what keeps me healthy.

“And I’ll die with my shoes on!”

She said: “I have a degree in psychology and a degree in nutrition.

“I lecture a lot on health and get involved in healing and meditation.

“I am also an ordained minister.”

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