DGCA eyes new policy after denial of trans pilot’s license

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is working to formulate a policy for licensing of transporters, a senior government official said, a move that has recently sparked controversy over a regulator denying medical approval to a Kerala pilot. has started. The person who was on hormone therapy. Even though the policy is in its early stages, the DGCA is expected to base its rules on criteria set by global watchdogs such as the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

“At present, there is no restriction for any trans person to obtain a pilot license, as long as they comply with various provisions which include age, medical fitness, knowledge, experience, etc. However, there is no declared policy. And this is something DGCA is working on.

In the case of transpersons who were denied medical approval, the DGCA had earlier pointed out that in the absence of a specific policy for transgender personnel, the medical evaluation process, including testing, was done in line with global practices. “The DGCA follows the procedure specified in the FAA’s Guide for Medical Examiners. This is due to be the first case of its kind in India. It is pertinent to mention that across the world, a methodology is being followed to handle such scenarios on a case by case basis,” the regulator had said.

The US aviation regulator reformed its requirements in 2016, making it easier for transgender pilots to maintain the required medical certification without Aadhaar. Changes to this set of rules meant that transgender pilots were no longer required to go through procedures such as the repeated submission of psychological test results, and standardized documents across the board to maintain a medical certificate – which was the flight. It is mandatory to be able to fill out.

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The DGCA had stated that the person in question was taking hormone replacement therapy, which does not disqualify the pilot if the applicant had no adverse symptoms or reactions. According to the DGCA, “However, flight duties are not permitted until the dose of hormonal treatment has been stabilized or an adequate physiological response is achieved and the dose needs to be changed.”

After the controversy surfaced last month, it was raised in Parliament, where CPI(M) Rajya Sabha MP A.K.

In response, Minister of State for Civil Aviation VK Singh said, “There is no restriction for trans persons to obtain pilot license from DGCA, subject to compliance with relevant provisions relating to age, educational provisions, medical fitness, knowledge, experience etc. as specified in the Aircraft Rules, 1937.”

“The medical test for the issuance of a pilot license recognizes trans persons. An appropriate medical evaluation may be issued to a trans person applicant, provided there is no associated medical, psychiatric or psychological condition,” he said.