Deshaan Watson’s suspension shows shocking weakness by Roger Goodell

Perhaps NFL commissioner Roger Goodell envisions his legacy as a great businessman. He had a product the country was accustomed to and managed to extort more cash ($100 billion in media deals over the next decade) from the content-hungry network than others in his position could have. He made the NFL a lot of money and should be commended for it.

This can serve as a useful distraction to the fact that, as a disciplinarian, Goodell, either as a direct supervisor of high-profile punishment or as a person of final authority over a disciplinary process, has completely failed. Whatever flicker of moral compass that existed in this league prior to their acquisition has long been extinguished. and if he fails to act on an appeal for a wholly inadequate six-game suspension Browns Quarterback Deshan Watson, he would codify his incredible legacy.

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